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Broken Hearts duet #2

You can run, you can hide, but the truth will always find you.


Everly Jenkins knows darkness—but that doesn’t stop her living life to the max. Not until she meets Cameron Lewis, the tragic reminder of her past that she just can’t seem to shake.

Being “just friends” with a man who sends her soul flying and her body up in flames is near impossible—until her secrets come out, leaving her alone.

Will the darkness overcome her once again? Or will Everly fight for the man she loves and help him face the bitter truth?

"Plain and simple ... this duet is brilliant!" -Goodreads reviewer

"I loved it, I hated people, I wanted to slam some people with my kindle! I ran the whole gamut of emotions as I devoured this story.
I am still in recovery mode, and am now eager for what Ms McKellar brings us next."
- BJ's Book Blog

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